Ricardo’s Catering frequently asked questions below. If you have any other questions please contact us here.

How many do you cater for?2018-05-30T01:06:09-08:00

    Catering for 75 guests or more for weddings. We also will cater smaller intimate groups such as birthday, anniversary, bachelor and bachelorette and Christmas parties as well as corporate events.

    Please note smaller groups are a minimum of 10 guests.

Do you require a contract?2017-10-27T22:03:27-08:00

A simple contract will be drawn up with the specifics of the event and what services are included.

How do we pay?2017-10-27T22:04:10-08:00

Balance & Full payment to be received 1 week before the date of the event.

e-Tranfers work best (please remember a $3000 daily limit is in place with all banks).

Do you require a deposit?2017-10-27T22:04:58-08:00

Upon confirmation of booking Ricardo’s Catering for your event, I will require a 25% deposit of the approximate value of the quote.

What is “Family Style Dinner”?2017-10-27T22:05:55-08:00

Not quite plate service but much nicer than buffet service. Your courses are served to you at your table in bowls. Pass it around. Take a little, take a lot. Need more? We’ll bring more. It allows each guest to decide how much they want of each item.

Somehow passing food around makes everyone converse with each other.

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